I am in my late twenties and living in Yorkshire, wife to Big T and mummy to Little T who was born in December 2013. Before becoming a parent I worked as a freelance features writer.

I have a history of mental health issues such as agoraphobia and PTSD, and shortly after Little T was born I was diagnosed with postnatal depression.

Blogging has been a lifeline for me. The first place I ever disclosed the source of my PTSD was the pages of a notebook and to this day I find committing my thoughts in print is the cheapest and sometimes most effective kind of therapy. A Lovely Mess is a blog documenting my journey as a new mother and how that journey is impacted by my mental health. It isn’t a ‘how to’ guide for anyone in a similar position, just what works for my family – and sometimes what doesn’t! This is my place to document the highs and lows, my emotions, and the practical side of raising a child in sometimes challenging circumstances.

Becoming a mum is the best, most intense, most terrifying experience of my life and it takes up almost all of my time, but when I do get a spare moment I can be found devouring books, chasing my cats, ignoring recipes, and stalking unsuspecting scenery with my camera.

Feel free to contact me, for any reason at all! I might be reserved in real life but my arms are open to absolutely everyone underneath it all. 🙂

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